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Looking After Your Moissanite Fine Jewellery

Moissanite Fine Jewellery Care Guide

We want to ensure that your cherished Moissanite jewellery stays beautiful and sparkling for years to come. If properly cared for, moissanite jewellery should last a lifetime. Follow these care instructions to avoid damage, clean your jewellery, and maintain its brilliance.


Care Guide 

Understanding Moissanite: Moissanite is a rare gemstone known for its brilliance and durability. Adored for it's colourless purity, it offers exceptional sparkle and beauty. With a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, Moissanite is resistant to scratches, chips, and abrasions, making it a very durable choice for everyday wear. Your stone will not change colour or clarity under normal conditions. 


Avoiding Damage:

  1. Remove your jewellery when necessary. To prevent potential damage, remove your Moissanite jewellery before engaging in activities such as exercising, swimming, or using household chemicals. Take your rings off before bed each evening to avoid snagging a prong and potentially losing your stone. 

  2. Avoid exposure to chemicals. While Moissanite is durable, exposure to harsh chemicals can create issues. Avoid contact with substances like chlorine, bleach, and cleaning agents.

  3. Remember - precious metals are delicate. Gold and platinum are both prone to warping or bending when put under extra stress. If your band becomes scratched try a polishing cloth or bring it in to us for a professional shine. 

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  1. Regular cleaning: Clean your Moissanite jewellery regularly to maintain its brilliance. We recommend cleaning every 2-3 months or more frequently for heavily worn pieces. 

  2. DIY cleaning instructions:

    • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water.
    • Add a small amount of mild dish soap or jewellery cleaner to the water.
    • Place your Moissanite jewellery in the soapy water and let it soak for a few minutes.
    • Gently scrub the jewellery with a soft toothbrush, focusing on hard-to-reach areas.
    • Rinse the jewellery under running water to remove any soap residue.
    • Pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or let it air dry.
  3. Moissanite is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. An ultrasonic cleaner will give your jewellery incredible sparkle in between professional cleans. 
  4. Professional cleaning and inspection. Periodically, have your Moissanite jewellery professionally cleaned to remove stubborn dirt or grime and restore its brilliance. We recommend professional cleaning and inspection every 6-12 months. We'll also take the opportunity to check your ring for any damage to prevent any issues in the future. 

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Regularly check for loose stones or damaged prongs. Inspect your Moissanite jewellery periodically for loose stones or damaged prongs. If you notice any issues, seek professional repair promptly to prevent further damage.

  2. Replace any worn-out components. Over time, components like clasps or chains may wear out. Replace them to ensure the longevity of your jewellery. 

We hope these tips keep your jewellery looking brand new for years to come. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.


How should I store my moissanite when I'm not wearing it?

It is recommended to store your Moissanite jewellery in a soft pouch or a jewellery box with separate compartments. This helps prevent scratching and tangling with other jewellery pieces.

How often should I clean my moissanite jewellery?

To maintain the brilliance and sparkle of your Moissanite jewellery, it is recommended to clean it regularly. We suggest cleaning every 2-3 months or more frequently for heavily worn pieces. Regular cleaning removes dirt, oils, and residues that can dull the gem's shine.

Do I need to have my jewellery professionally serviced and inspected?

Periodic professional inspection and cleaning are important for maintaining jewellery. We recommend having it professionally inspected every 12 months. Professionals can identify any potential issues, such as loose stones or damaged prongs, and perform thorough cleaning to restore its brilliance. Professional servicing ensures the longevity and beauty of your Moissanite jewellery.

Will the characteristics and quality of my stone change over time?

No - not under normal conditions as outlined in our care guide. It will maintain the internal colour, brilliance and clarity of the day you bought it!

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